Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Well its been a while

Hello there, sorry about the small absence. I just got caught up in to many things, and i was raised with the "don't speak unless your spoken to" kind of mind so i guess that sorta played a role in it as well. Nevertheless I will still be doing updates, just not as often i suppose (unless its extremely important, obviously).

Now lets talk dreams. They won't be ordered by the date i've had them since i can't really remember when they occurred...but hey, at least i remember the dreams themselves. I'll give a small synopsis of them and spare you the boring not-so-important details. I've been having quite a few of them, sometimes they were lucid or other times they had like a fuzzy static  about them like a bad quality camera that just got dropped. At first i thought that it was just my mind relaying various bits of information that i knew but now these dreams are becoming more often and its starting to worry me. I'm just hoping that all it is is a small case of common paranoia.

Now to the dreams
I was being chased by somebody, i can't remember who or what was chasing me, might have been a proxy. I was in a desert and it was extremely hot but also extremely windy. As i was running i came across a temple with Egyptian architecture. As i weaved through the pillars trying to evade my predator i took notice to the details of it. I saw etchings of a man with a rams head on the side of the temple along side some other things depicting either a ram or a rams head in some way. I first thought it was a trap so i made my ways out of pillars and ran off to the side of the temple, where the dream began to change its form. It changed to where i was running(still being chased) towards a stream with a large pool at the mouth of it. As an attempt to get away i dived head first into the pool, but then i woke up.

You see, i thought this was a really odd dream because i know absolutely NOTHING of Egyptian mythology and whatnot. So the odds of my mind relaying various bits of info was ruled out immediately. Now the day after i did some research and i came across the god named Herishef/Harsaphes/Khnum/Heryshaf and the city(?) named Herakleopolis. At first i just saw it was the god connected to water and fertility. I definitely don't plan on having any kids anytime soon so i thought maybe it was about creativity and having new ideas. But then after seeing Elaines post and looking at posts i ran across during my research from other bloggers, i began realizing maybe it does have something to do with Him after all.
 But i got lost through half of that due to lack of knowledge about Egypt, but at least i have a small grasp of what relation that He has with Heryshaf. Now all i have to figure out is why i had this dream, but then again isn't that a question we would all just love to answer? Sorry if i got any information wrong, like i said, i know nothing about Egypt.

The next dreams I'm just going to type them out as a set because they all have that fuzzy quality to them and i can't tell where they end nor begin >.<

In one dream i was a proxy, i had the whole mask and shady looking dress ware. I think i w as stalking people, when i got a first real assignment. And that was to kill my parents.I remembered that they would die regardless of what i did. I was horrified, i remember i tried to save them. Despite all of my efforts to try to save them they still died. It was a rather odd death, the earth opened up and swallowed them whole. At least it was (hopefully) painless.
The next bit was rather odd. That night i was staying at my aunts house due to a family member being hospitalized and i never really liked sleeping in her living room. Always gave me the creeps, you know? Back to the dream, in my dream i was at my aunts house wandering it. It had like this weird greenish/blue glow to it as i was wandering. The dream half/shifted, like i was in the living room but everything else around me turned into a field with a forest around the edges. I was at the far side of them room watching myself sleep on the sofa when He was there at the edge where my feet where staring at the dream me. I felt an immense amount of fear come over me and i felt paralyzed on the spot. He beckoned me to come closer and in my fear stricken state curiosity gnawed at the edges of my mind. Immobilized my fear but propelled by curiosity i began to inch forward, dying to know why i was beckoned. As i moved forward the dream began to blur and become and static-y like i mentioned earlier. It was like how camera and other technical goodies malfunctioned when he was near. It also began to fade and eventually i was left with darkness and the dream just ends from i suppose.
The next (and last one) was about me being stalked by a proxy. I would pass him in the streets and see him glaring at me from a distance but i never caught a good glimpse of him,until he bumped into me and his hoodie fell back and i saw that my stalker was in fact my brother. I was extremely shocked and i tried to grab his sleeve but he knocked me into the wall(which he has done in real life and it hurts ALOT) and i blacked out. In my dream i woke up on my bed and i heard screaming so i tried to get out of bed but my mother quickly opened the door and told me just to go back to sleep. I have no idea why i did, i must have not had complete control of the dream or else i wouldn't have done so. But when i woke up(in the dream) i smelled smoke and i got out of bed and quickly ran to the door. I saw my brother burning the bodies of the remaining members of the family(who were headless) in the living room. Horrified and not wanting to get caught by him and his partner, i ran out back and what i saw was rather ugly. All of the heads of the family members were in the  garden with stakes through their skulls. Ugh, what a horrible memory >.< i shudder just typing it out. But my brother  caught me despite my efforts of trying to escape and i was forced to join him into proxy hood. It was weird though, i felt at peace once i did. I mean i did feel grief for my family but once i joined him it was like i said a moment ago, peaceful.

Odd little thingss aren't they? I've had other ones but i don't feel like they're worth mentioning. I CAn't remember them to well and they're probably just fabrications of the mind. I still worry though because i've been predicting things lately by dream. I doubt any of those can come true but when i saw prediction i don't mean the whole scenario and whatnot is foretold but small snips of it. For example i had a dream i was swimming in a pool with golden water in a temple with someone whom i never met before. 3 months later i met the exact same person i saw in my dream. You see though the thing is with thins dream prediction thing is, that even if it does come true, it'll be months away and its only one small part. So i can't really dwell on most of these things and when they do come true it's like a huge frustrating slap in face because i didn't see it coming.
Wow i wrote more than what i was expecting to. Sorry if i wasted your time but a little  update is nice every now and then. Pardon the spelling and grammar mistakes, i don't feel like correcting them at the moment.