Thursday, August 18, 2011

bluh older sibling >:O (and other things)

bluh i unwilling had to let my brother join my blog. Unfortunately for me he's trained in the ancient art of "lets beat the crap out of her until she gives in" type of persuasion and I'm no match against him .Then again if i didn't let him into my blog he would have gotten the rest my family involved and shit would have hit a giant rainbow colored, spiked, metaphorical fan. Plus i just want them to stay safe, who knows what kind of crazy shit could happen to them.

On a side note please ignore the whole ominous looking Big Brother's Watching you deal, he's just trying to make up what he lacks in knowledge with fear. Heh, i might nickname as him my guard dog (or wolf heh) since he's acting like a big fat lazy one with all of this barking but no biting :P I know i'm going to get punched for that later, but at the moment I REGRET NOTHING!!!!

Hehe, i wonder if any other evil doers are using the same technique of replacing knowledge with fear, because that would make a TON of sense from the looks of it:P

I guess now i'm sorta forced to post 'cause with BigBrother giving info on me, someone has to make sure its not false. Or worse, what if he posts baby pictures or tells embarrassing stories of me?!?!!?!?
Great now i have constant blog paranoia., but then again i guess that's the "fun" of having older siblings isn't it?I know he probably means me well but i wish he'd just let me move at my own pace -.- But if i do that then he thinks i'm procrastinating!! Blargh i just can't win can i?
Perhaps he's just trying to help me relieve some stress by getting me to tell everybody everything. 
Blah i will never figure out what goes on in that mind of his....
However it's not like i keep this all to myself or anything, i do have a friend i like to share my dreams and keep up to date with as well so i'm not completely alone in this mess. He of all people should know that i'm not comfortable spilling my guts out to various people who I've never even met(well at least not very well) before! .That's why i tried my best to keep a strictly a Dream Log( speaking of dreams i'll get to those in a sec), however according to him it should be more than that :/. Well lets just see how things work out for now, i think this is a totally pointless idea but that stubborn little man thinks otherwise. 

Ugh, Dreams. You see, my sleeping habits nowadays haven't become to healthy. I stay up late at night playing long endless games of DnD and I've been taking some medication recommended by a good friend of mine that's supposed to help with my allergies but unfortunately it's side effects cause drowsiness. Any medication of any sort with that little effect to help me sleep causes me not to dream or to have really really really bad quality ones . I've heard it's an effect common with everybody so it's probably no big deal and nothing to worry about. Still the small bits and portions that i do see are rather troubling but my friend says it's just a result from playing to much DnD. He(who has name, it's Matt by the way, i hope he doesn't mind me telling you all that..) explained it as my mind relaying bits of info from the day before and that sounds pretty logical to me. There was one thing my brother did mention though that i can't pretend he didn't mention. It was how he noticed how when i flail in my sleep at times, and the only way i know this is because i fell off my bed a few times...Luckily he's only seen me night flailing(lol) a very small amount of times(i think it was 2?i don't know at the moment..) and i was EXTREMELY lucky that it was only a mild case....I know he'll read this and demand more answers and explanations can't really be so important...can it? So what if my body likes  to correlate with my mind during sleep, i can do whatever the hell i want to :P 
since  the issue is related to dreaming i guess i'll have to tell him about it eventually. Which probably means i should talk about other things like the the aftermath of dreaming( like waking up with scratches) before he outs me on that to....But i'd like to do it on my own time at my own pace and through blogger as well, i'm not comfortable with telling him this stuff face to face. I guess this is why they always have the patient facing another direction in a therapists office isn't it?

Well It is getting late and I've just taken another lovely dose of this medicine which means i should be going to bed shortly.
So i guess this is where i sign off then isn't it? 
See you all later, Varg out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guess who's watching

Hey everybody, It's Varg's older brother here. I know this somewhat sudden but after stumbling upon her unknown blogger account i had to know what she kept a secret. I mean, I know a girls got her secrets and some privacy that she's like to have respected but C'mon.
She had dreams about ME, and not only dreams but what she described them to be kind of sounded like nightmares...and they're getting pretty frequent to which worries me as well. What also worries me is how she talks about people called "proxies" and talks of some dude called "Slenderman" or "slendy" or "sm" and from what i've read through her blog posts and the wonderful vast ocean of knowledge called the internet, having those baddies in your dreams can only lead to no good. I also think a little family/moral support might actually do her some good. I mean, I'm not saying the rest of you is nothing but chopped liver but still, there's nothing better than good ol' family comfort.Also after reading every post of the blog i don't believe she's being completely honest with all of you, like as in not telling the whole story. Like, how she woke up twice lightly flailing and whimpering. I know it MAY have been possible that she forgotten the dream(or is to stubborn to say what it was)but she could have at least told you all what happened for some comfort or any advice that could have possibly been given(i don't know what the hell kind of advice that would be but what do i know).
So i decided if she's gonna give you slice you might as well have the whole cake.
After all, it's not nice to be a little greedy now is it?