Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guess who's watching

Hey everybody, It's Varg's older brother here. I know this somewhat sudden but after stumbling upon her unknown blogger account i had to know what she kept a secret. I mean, I know a girls got her secrets and some privacy that she's like to have respected but C'mon.
She had dreams about ME, and not only dreams but what she described them to be kind of sounded like nightmares...and they're getting pretty frequent to which worries me as well. What also worries me is how she talks about people called "proxies" and talks of some dude called "Slenderman" or "slendy" or "sm" and from what i've read through her blog posts and the wonderful vast ocean of knowledge called the internet, having those baddies in your dreams can only lead to no good. I also think a little family/moral support might actually do her some good. I mean, I'm not saying the rest of you is nothing but chopped liver but still, there's nothing better than good ol' family comfort.Also after reading every post of the blog i don't believe she's being completely honest with all of you, like as in not telling the whole story. Like, how she woke up twice lightly flailing and whimpering. I know it MAY have been possible that she forgotten the dream(or is to stubborn to say what it was)but she could have at least told you all what happened for some comfort or any advice that could have possibly been given(i don't know what the hell kind of advice that would be but what do i know).
So i decided if she's gonna give you slice you might as well have the whole cake.
After all, it's not nice to be a little greedy now is it?

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