Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cobwebs everywhere

Man is it me or is this blog growing cobwebs? I swear its like why bother even having it? And is it me or did the orange color change?And why does this font seem so small?!?!!?
but that's beside the point.
Between not giving a fuck about reading most blogs and actually having a damn life, I never actually really had motive to go on here other to help out my sister....And after reading her recent post i can see that she's not fairing to well....

Although i regrettably have to admit she did have a point 2 posts ago trying to leverage fear for knowledge XP, so i guess the tough guy act isn't just me. Still though, if any of you freaks or weirdos even THINK bout harming her i will make you beg for death. But lets try not to stray off topic shall we?

Like i mentioned the only interest i have in this blog is to help her, and i'll do whatever it takes to help. Even if it means "prying" into her personal life (i swear i didn't mean for that to sound as harsh as it did). I just mean that, she's just a kid still (well to me at least) and i want her to enjoy life to the fullest with no worries, no stress, or no troubles! I also am trying my best to understand whats going on, i mean at least i'm attempting to read a blog or two(which reminds me to add more to reading list later..) but i honestly (and no offense) don't give a shit about anyone else. Only her, since she IS family and all. So i'm just an innocent guy trying to help out a....
troubled family member. Also since, i kinda moved it's really hard to help her since i'm not really there in person. I know there will be times to visit but i have a really busy work scheduled and i'm trying to plan a wedding which makes me reliant on this magical device called a PHONE and this strange contraption called this.. this....INTERNET.
Point being whether she likes it or not, I'm here to help her out. So to start on such, i'm going to be giving updates on her when i can.
(which is kind of pathetic since she should do this herself since she knows herself better than i do. i'm just saying)

So i guess i'll start now.
Recently....she hasn't been to well....and judging by the amount of errors in her most recent post, i don't think she's improving. In the time before I left, she always seemed to be taking a nap. Whether it was after school, on the weekends, at the beach, in the car and i just thought it was just your average teenage angst/depression so i never really put much thought into it but i was curious on what she would be depressed about. So i just started to try to get some info out of her on small stuff with a touch of brotherly love, like the typical "Hows school like, chump" and "Hey get that snorlax out of route 11"(brownie points on whoever gets the reference), and the lovely "Why the fuck are you sleeping so much". (Subtlety was never my thing....) The only SOMEWHAT useful reply i got was "...i need to know more" or " I would tell you but you wouldn't understand, since you didn't read those damn blogs like i told you to!".....Well shit. She did get me there..I still fail to understand how the problems of others can be hers as well.
Grrrr.....women...... I guess if i just HAVE to read other blogs then so be it.....
Also, even though it seems like she's always asleep every hour of the day, when she's awake she acts like she hasn't slept in 2 days. You'd think she's storing energy in little bottles or something with all of that sleep. She's also kind of more distant than she used to be, always zoning out into blank spaces with vacant yet concentrating type of look on her face. I swear that girl is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
The last thing is odd, i don't really know why she does it but she kind of twitches in her sleep. I'm not sure if this is related to the night screaming that she's used to do or not but it seems pretty odd to me. Only because sometimes she twitches when she's awake. Its not really twitching though when she's awake...its more like just really jerky hand motions when she's going to do something, or just moving really quickly after being called to attention after she just zoned out. But it's like she does it when no ones watching (or when she thinks no ones there). Which is pretty odd, because if she can control it then why twitch? And if you're going to control the twitch, then wouldn't it make more sense to do it in front of people for attention?

Well, Varg if you're going to read this post by any chance would it kill ya to give even just a tiiiiiiiiny explanation? or even a hint! Because, with all due respect, you're just confusing as fuck just so ya know -.-'

So i'll take my leave and post some other time. But keep in mind I do have quite a busy life so i may not be able to post soon.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apologies for the absence

Sorry being gone for a while, been busy with school, life and whotnot....
I haven't being sleeping well lately but i'll elaborate later(ortry to anyways))
I can't make this long, gotta go soon and help my brother move into his new place today, im going to try to pressure him into posting for me ^u^ Aren;t i a wonderful sister?
Anywhos is anyone else having twitter problems?
i cant log into my account >,< (mabey it has something to do with my email account i linked it to, since it got blocked)
Unfortunatelly i'll have to make my leave here, let's hope i dont trip and kill myself in my barely concious sleep deprived state of mind :'D

  btw spell checking's for loozers and  fully awake people :D

before i go, can somebody keep me up to date on whats happening...been to busy being locked up in my own little world to realize whats going on around me...sorry....