Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apologies for the absence

Sorry being gone for a while, been busy with school, life and whotnot....
I haven't being sleeping well lately but i'll elaborate later(ortry to anyways))
I can't make this long, gotta go soon and help my brother move into his new place today, im going to try to pressure him into posting for me ^u^ Aren;t i a wonderful sister?
Anywhos is anyone else having twitter problems?
i cant log into my account >,< (mabey it has something to do with my email account i linked it to, since it got blocked)
Unfortunatelly i'll have to make my leave here, let's hope i dont trip and kill myself in my barely concious sleep deprived state of mind :'D

  btw spell checking's for loozers and  fully awake people :D

before i go, can somebody keep me up to date on whats happening...been to busy being locked up in my own little world to realize whats going on around me...sorry....

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