Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Patching things up

God how long has it been since i actually acted like i care about this stupid thing?

Hm....According to this stupid thing its been one month and four days....Wow didn't realize how much time as passed since then. It all seems like a week...But sun rise, sunset let's just get another one over with.

I guess i'll let you all in on the details of our absence. After all, you girls (or gay men) just looooove gossip.

You see, there's been a small complication on our behalf because you see....there's just been a small little house fire that may have resulted in no house or family and now we're all kinda house hopping. And when i say we i mean a semi out of it sister and her idiot friend. Poor Varg doesn't even know about what happened to our parents yet....i still have no idea how i'm going to break it to her...I've never really been that close with my family, they kicked me out when i was 16 and left me homeless so i kinda had no heart for them. The only reason i returned was for my sister, because....let's just say she's around my age and history tends to repeat itself.

We (well more like i did) finally found a relative of ours with a good internet connection and a computing device not derived from the stone age. I figured we might stay until the weekend then we'll move onto another relatives house since i really don't feel like we're safe if these "proxy's" are after us. So in the time being i thought it was a good time for an update.

So where did i off from the last post again....oh right, at fixing stupid mistakes.

That weekend afterwards i retrieved that stupid friend of my sister's. It was a lot easier than i imagined. Well that's probably because i didn't do so myself but WHO CARES? As long as the brat's in good hands and returns in one piece i think i did my job rather well. I still have no idea what my friends did to him though...he seemed a little ruffled/shell shocked but nothing more so i presume nothing serious happened. Unfortunately i didn't know that I was destined to be fate's bitch and was going to stuck with him for longer than i expected. You see, his family was going camping at the time and he apparently wasn't going with them anyways. So whomever decided to kidnap this Brat must've really done their homework....

Speaking of kidnapping brats those bastards thought they could get my sister as well. Well guess what assholes, that's my blood so only i get to torture her (heheh..). I may be wrong here but my intuition is telling me that she was lured out by using her little friend as a hostage. I doubt she knew that they play dirty though, or else the idiot would of gone with more caution. I don't blame her though for being a little careless, she was still recovering from traumatic nightmares as well. Probably thought it was just another dream.

Here's a recount of what happened though, i'm just relaying what she said though so i might subconsciously paraphrase her words, so bare with me please. Oh and if you're wondering why i'm doing this instead of Varg herself then read this and ask yourself if you'd be up to explaining to random people what you went through. She's just flat out not up to it today, i'll probably coax her into making a small one by this weekend before we leave again.

"I was told to meet in his back yard...I figured it would be safe, close enough to run in or break a window the time called for it. As soon as i jumped the fence though i was ambushed. They gagged me, put a bag over my fucking head, tied me up. You know, the normal procedures that all kidnappers seem to know from their fuckin' edition of "Kidnapping for Dummies". A hand slipped under the bag over my head and forced the blackened gooey contents of a vial down my throat. It tasted as horrible as it looked, it even looked like something I've probably seen before...maybe from one of the god-awful nightly mind fucks... I could feel myself reacting to this....fluid."

She started to freeze up and stutter and the word fluid, reaching for her throat. Poor thing probably remembers the very texture of it, she'll get over it though.

"Hey...it's over now, you don't need to worry about it. That shit's long gone. Just tell me about what happened next"

At this point Varg snapped back to reality and gave a gentle nod and a stern glare. I'm actually surprised she didn't have an over reaction and either have a meltdown or lunged at me. That's probably one of my most favorable thing about that girl. She can go through her troubles and deal shit tons of stress, but she will ALWAYS manage to find away to rip that frown off of her face and slap on a smile. Even if it hurtss.

"The last thing i remember is feeling that shit go down my throat and hearing the frantic muffled voice of a boy roughly around my age near me. In a pathetic desperate attempt to save (whom i corrected assumed at the time, Matt. I tried to lash out at my attacker but i froze as soon as i heard that damned monster's snarl (the hell was she talking about?)...it's putrid stench seemed to fill the car as it's mournful screeches cascaded in my mind as i slowly passed out into a n-nightmare"

She began stuttering and mumbling at this point. She froze up and i think she may have even shed a few tears. I let her have her moment, if i pushed her to far she'd go into "shut-down" mode for the night. The last thing i needed at that point was a crying sister and a shell shocked brat on my shoulders. Varg did come back around roughly 10 minutes later and continued her story though.

"....I can't remember it though but i do remember each moment of fear that it contained. Hopefully that shit they made me drink was good for something.... From that point on everything was a blur, as if i were finally asleep and it was all a real dream.
It wasn't though, the pain from my aching limbs and the scars didn't lie. There was more of the damned concoction to. It made me...stronger, but more out of it....As if the new power i obtained made itself a silent conscious in the back of mind to dictate everything i did. I do remember the things i saw..the things i saw...all of the blood and beaten (still have no idea what the fuck she meant by "beaten")..and how i felt, or rather how it made me felt. I remember the raw emotion of rage and the negative energy (?)
I honestly have no idea how long I was under the influence of that crap, but if you say i was gone for a week then i was gone for a week. Mentally though, I was there for an eternity(no wonder why she sleeps forever, it's the only peace of mind she can get)...
Poor Matt. He was always struggling to catch up....i remember..i remember that they'd beat him if he didn't meet their standards though in these weird exercises we were doing...It was horrible... that within the few precious minutes of regaining my conscious i had to endure the the tortured screams of life long friend and the mad howls of a demon of my mind (ok seriously, what the hell is she talking about?)....so horrible....

But he left before i did, and i was happy for him. I know i should have been jealous but when you're in the depths of hell where no joy is ever found, seeing someone else escape their damnation gives you a small pleasure. To know that there is one person out there, who will live to see another day filled with joy after seeing so many of torture, to know that there is someone out there who can actually appreciate each day that so many take for granted...and hopefully that one day that person might be you...

Eventually that person was me. Through all of the shit that i was forced into, all of those mentally deafening screeches, the drug they made me drink, and out of all of the horrible scenes i was forced to witness; i was finally freed. I know i should be more battered and broken but my hopes were fulfilled and I've actually been more at peace with myself than I've ever been before....

You know that one cliche phrase "It's always darkest before the dawn" that people overuse?
Yeah it's kinda like that, but with less heroism and more emotion.

Let's just try not to get ourselves into anymore trouble, i don't think i can handle anymore of this crap..."

That's pretty much were we left off, i didn't see the need to pursue the topic mush further. I might have felt a little bad for making her relive that experience anyways....

I do however plan on getting those nightmares of hers taken care of, i have a good friend who specializes in the land of dreams. I can't tell Varg though about it, she's been extremely paranoid lately and might flip a few tables. He hopefully can help us with our housing situation to...we're almost getting desperate at this point...

He might even take care of Bratulas the cowardly, heheh...Well in a good way, i doubt Varg would be happy with me if he were dead. Then it's be very difficult to get her to listen to me...might even run away...Bottom line being the kid won't die but something has to happen with him.

I think i'm out for the night. I need some actual fucking rest for a change.

Good luck i guess?