Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big Brother to the unfortunate rescue

Ugh, look at what you've done now
You ran RIGHT into something right. in.your.face. Not only that, but you've also managed to get that other idiot you hang out got into to this to. Thank god I'm here, admit it, you'd be lost without me dear sister. Sometimes i wish that i've been graced with a sister with and i.q. high than a brick.

So apologizes about the absence in both of our presences. My sister's been busy being retarded while i'v been busy cleaning up after her. Now that I'm able to actual get some time to my fucking self I'd just loooooove to enlighten you all on the going-ons of within our absence.

So what happened...well...none of us really know....we all thought it was only another nightmare. Somehow, it must have evolved into something worse because she had a full on BREAK DOWN. I had to bust out the sedatives (don't ask where i got them i just have them).

Hold on, be right back a quick moment...i think the beast is finally stirring from her lair.

False alarm, just sleep talking. I know her psychiatrist told me to listen to her when she sleeps since the mind reveals it's inner most thoughts in a dream state but screw that, I'm not going to do that bastards job for free. I'm just going to give her the pills and try to keep her from doing anymore retarded things.But unfortunately on top of being her "guard dog" (as she likes to say) I'm now in charge of saving her dumb ass friend. I don't really want but however i don't want to be the accused of kidnapping the poor thing when he was last seen at her house (which i'm temporarily residing in to take care of her).

So about that last post she made....well my best guess is that she was either VERY sleep deprived or took to many of the doc's pills if you know what i mean. When i returned home for the holidays i was surprised she didn't manage to kill herself. From what i've heard she was found passed out covered in bruises and various scratches. It MUST have been self inflicted.It could have been worse?? But hell, whatever, she's "fine" as she can be so it's all good. Not to mention she HAS been doing alot better so i might be able to coax her into making another blog post. If i'm lucky.


The trails of a sibling bound brother. If this persists, I have a friend who would be MORE than happy to help.

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  1. Well, it’s good to hear from you again, even if I’d much prefer to hear from Varg instead... I was starting to get worried by your absences.