Monday, November 14, 2011

Children these days...

My, My.
What have you gotten into now? I finally find time out of my busy fucking to schedule to check up on your blog (which by the way is supposed to HELP YOU, not inspire you to put yourself into more fucking danger) and see this little gem:

"I'm going to try to fight these nightmares...I'm going to see out the truth"

THE FUCK?!?!?!?
Now you've actual decided to go after this fucking...god i don't know what you want to call them, things?!?! Do you have ANY idea what in HELL you've gotten yourself into? Do you even know what you have started by openly declaring that you're going after them( or attempting to anyways..) You could of at least had a small chance by trying to forget about it LIKE I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET YOU TO DO THIS WHOLE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME.

These damn, stubborn ass kids these days...You're doing nothing but chasing shadows you know that? And you know what'll happen when you find out what casts those shadows? Do more than shit your pants, that's for fucking sure...Just leave things as they are and i'm abso-fucking-lutely
positive things will be back to normal. I'll make sure of it this time.

However if you do continue on with this craptastic plan of yours, just try to be safe please. You're literally the only damn family member i keep in contact still and i don't want to lose that. So if you manage to get in trouble, you can count on me to get you out of it. As much as i fucking want you to learn your damn lesson, i'll still help you out. However don't take this as a sign to leeroy jenkins yourself into as much damn trouble as possible because then i'll REALLY be fucking pissed at you. But I WON'T help you chase down these assholes, in your weird ass dream world or in the real fucking world either.

If you're heart is STILL fucking set on after chasing your nightmares, heed my warning:
They're more than just beings of dreams, they can actually FUCKING hurt you in the waking world and WILL come after you.
Please try to stay safe

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