Saturday, April 23, 2011

The first dream

I can't remember the exact date or time of when the first dream occurred, but if i were to guess i'd have to say probably around the beginning of March of this year. I also can't remember much of what happened afterwards. So don't be expecting to read much because i barely remember these dreams as it is.

In the beginning I was asked by proxy( operators whatever the hell you want to call them) if i wanted to play a game. For some reason i said yes, even though i had no idea what the rules were or who was playing. After i accepted his challenge i did however ask what the rules were. All he said was to survive

On a side note outside of the dream i know theres been a mention of a game before but i don't exactly think it'll be played out like this.
Anyways, back to the dream. The dream shifted to a wooded area and proxies( 2 of them) were running after me, trying to kill me with various weapons. The closest one behind me had something that was used for tripping people but i forgot what it was called D: It looked like a rope and it had weights on the end so when you threw it and it hit your legs, it would wrap around them and trip you. Well he threw it and i fell like the klutz i am. I turned over so i was face up and as proxy 1 landed for the killing blow(can't remember with what kind of weapon >.<) i suddenly pulled out a dagger and held it out in front of me. This hit his neck cutting a major artery thus killing him. I got my feet free and saw proxy #2 coming at me with a knife. I feinted to the right(while still on the ground) and quickly made a heavy slice in his calves causing him to fall onto his back. He rolled left to where i was and i hastily jumped over onto his back, pulled his hair back, and slit his throat.

It's a little fuzzy about what happened after that but all i kind of remembered was going through trails of some sort fighting for my life.

The final scene of my dream consisted of me being kidnapped and being taken to some sort of an arena and finding others who were like me, fighting for there lives. A huge voice boomed overhead(didnt know who it was) ,and i can't remember his exact words but, i think he said a little something like this: "Many have accepted this challenge and many have lost. You are the last survivors, make good use of your talents and serve me well" Some rebelled to this idea and decided to fight back while some joined him. A whole rebellion amongst us broke out but then.

I woke up.

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