Sunday, April 24, 2011

the third dream

Edit: I remember slightly more stuff!!!!
I had third dream on April 21. I meant to post it sooner but between other stuff, people coming over, and being lazy, i never found the time. This was a really short vague dream which is  really odd because they're normally longer but whatever. A dream's a dream. I've lost alot of information about this dream and so i'm now mentally beating myself up for not writing this down earlier. Now to the dream that makes little sense.

I was in a forest and i was being chased(again lol) but i don't know who was chasing me. There were tall ominous trees looming overhead. I tripped and fell, but i stayed there for a few seconds to catch my breath.I rolled over to be on my back and just laid there The view was beautiful and i wish that i could of stayed there forever but something inside told me to keep  on running. I would glance out into the forest thinking I'd see glimpses of him, but was never to sure because i wasn't able to stop. The forest got denser and the growth got wilder i could feel various scratches upon myself but i just ran faster. The of fear wasn't as strong as the feeling of importance. The forest came to an abrupt stop and i saw a cabin. I entered it and i saw my family huddled around a small t.v., which miraculously had the news on even though it was in the middle of the woods. My mom saw me and hurriedly came to greet me. She was frantic, terrified, ecstatic to see me, and talking really fast as if spaces in sentences didn't exist. I have no idea what motivated me to do this or why i did it, but i backhanded her. Hard. I told her to calm down and tell me what was going on slowly and clearly so i could understand her.She quietly said okay and said that they're talking about me on the news. I went over to the t.v. and took a seat on the smooth wooden floor, cringing from the pain of the fall i took and the scratches i had. It was a news team interviewing some one. I would say it was an ordinary innocent citizen but i could by the look in his eyes he was neither innocent nor ordinary. He was telling the news caster about how dangerous my family was and all the horrible deeds we've apparently done as a whole together and how we needed to stopped and executed for death. i was  furious, "Where the hell is he coming up with this stuff?" i thought angrily to myself. Then i saw how, there he was behind him. i know i was unable to hear him but i could just tell he was mentally whispering horrible lies into this strange mans mind. I don't know how nobody else saw him, so tall with his horrible dark suit. I wanted shout out and tell them the truth, i wanted them to believe in the right thing but i wasn't able to do a single thing about it.

Then i woke up.

Or at least i thought i did, i think. In my dream i i saw staring at my curtain covered window, staring at the large silhouette outside my window. I wasn't sure weather or not it was him  or just another proxy. I kept staring at and i heard something saying give in to pure fear inside my head. I started to lose feeling with my hand and feet, my vision began to blur and darken. However, i fought back with all my might. It was mentally exhausting but when i won.

I really woke up this time.

Afterwards i got up, legs sore as if i've been running forever, 3 bruises on my leg, and scratches on my shoulders.


  1. Ugh... I used to hate the dreams where I'd wake up with actual marks. I once woke up with a splinter through a fingernail... bored through without damage to the surrounding nail. It was so weird and hurt like hell until it grew out. I even have a scar on the palm of my hand that I have no idea where it came from because I don't remember ever cutting my hand there.

    The worst was the time I apparently woke up in the middle of the night, bled all over the floor, and then had no frikken memory of it the following day. My mother was all casual about it, claiming I'd fallen out of bed and given myself a nose bleed. I have serious doubts about that. I'd never fallen out of bed before, or since... and the blood was way over in the middle of the room. Was I catapulted out of bed?

    I suggest you get a little handheld voice recorder to keep next to your bed. Then when you have a dream, you can pick it up without turning on the lights and slur some key words into it. Speaking from experience, it will absolutely sound like you are halfway to passed out drunk. LOL but it helps fix the details in your mind for when you wake up later.

  2. yowch, i hate splinters, especially in my nails. I fell off my bed once but i landed in my dogs water bowl.... not a happy memory. I'm pretty sure that must of been one hell of shocker to wake up to. I'll try the handheld recording thing as soon as i can and thanks for the advice :D