Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tales of a family past

This post isn't about my dreams but about past family tales of their experiences with the  paranormal. I never really took much notice to these stories but now that i think about it a lot of them revolves around my aunt, but that doesn't really matter. Most of them will most likely be vague and short because of my absolutely fantastic memory. Almost all of them happened before my time so i know very little first hand experience about them.

I'm not sure if the stories I've been told are real or not but I don't think my aunt would lie to be about something like this. When my aunt and my father were little they shared a room with a window. This window gave a view to the whole yard, which was full of chicken pens, goats, and other various animals. One night my aunt heard the ear piercing squeals of chickens and the frightened neigh of goats. Curious to see what as making these animals act in such a way, she looked outside the window. According to her, she was absolutely petrified with fear. What she said she saw was a massive dog that looked like a German Shepard of some sort but with evil, demonic looking eyes. The beast was finishing gnawing on a chicken when it split itself into three (according to my aunt). The three monstrosities tore up the poor animals, tearing them apart scattering their remains amongst the back yard. My aunt was mortified, she said she was so shocked that she passed out. When she woke up early that morning she immediately told my father what she saw. He called it BS right away on the spot. The had a typical sibling argument and decided to go out back to go see who was right. If my father was right, there would be no evidence of an animal attack. If my aunt was right then there would be animal remains all over the yard. Well they got to the backyard and guess what, my aunt was right. There was blood and animal entrails all over the yard and claw marks in various places. They were speechless. Of course my grandmother was extreme pissed seeing how their small amount of live stock was killed but thats besides the point. To this day you can see claw marks in certain places like in the sides of trees, walls and fences. They put concrete onto the dirt floor so theres no evidence there, but i'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to see them anyways without the concrete.

Now lets fast forward a few decades To where my aunt is a mother with 3 young children and a lot of foster children. At the time they were always getting into arguments, screaming, yelling, hating. There was suspicion of paranormal activity going on in the house but hey didn't listen to each other out sibling spite. The foster children would always scream "The kitty cat man!Mommy watch out for the kitty man!" My aunt would always just think it was just an over active imagination, or just an imaginary friend of theirs. Then one day one of my cousins claimed she saw it in her room. She said it looked like a man with a heavily distorted human/animal face with huge claws and covered in blood. You would probably think it would be nightmares from the movie Nightmare on Elm street and the children were just seeing Freddy Krueger. However my aunt wouldn't allow them to see this movie, in fear that the kids would all develop nightmares and become sleepless. We know that he did look like Freddy because one day the foster children came over to my house (because we literally live two houses away but that doesn't matter).The closest experience they've had with this "kitty cat man" was when my cousin was thrown and held against the wall. She was drops eventually but theres was scratches left on her body. After that the whole family was terrified. They began to not take one another's company for granted and they began to tolerate each other after that. They eventually became a happy functional family again and the kitty cat man sitings have ceased after that. However we still see spirits now and then but they're no real threat to us.

The weirdest one of all happened one summer when i was still a baby. One of our family members just died and they sitting there discussing what happened to him in the after life. As they were talking, maggots came up through the carpet and out of the walls. My aunt is a HUGE clean freak, she literally spends 2 and 1/2 hours just on cleaning the floor, and don't get me started on the whole house. After the maggots seeped into the house, they somehow disappeared, leaving no evidence that they were ever there. After that they just all assumed he went to hell or whatever torturous place lies below. 

The end :)


  1. The first sounds like a fetch... aside from the animals, do you know if anyone in the family or friends of the family died in the following months?

    The other two stories, all I can say is wow. Though despite the "kitty-cat man's" actions, he does seem to have served a purpose, yeah?

    The maggot thing is just freaky. Was this family member a really bad guy?

  2. I don't know i'd have to ask my aunt.

    I can't remember who it was, there's a lot of bad members in my family but i'm not exactly sure who it was, that's another question i'd have to save for my aunt.It's a good thing she lives two doors down