Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another quick update

I know i haven't been around much but that's because I'm forced to share the last good laptop with my siblings, seeing how i killed all the better ones. So please pardon my temporary bouts of silence. When the other laptops get repaired i plan on making a post my favorite subject, Dreams. I also might make a post about myself with various blots of information about me.

All is well in the land me. Nothing really new here.I still see your occasion spirits and shadows. I still hear your faint whispers in the night or tapping on the windows. I've grown used to these affairs and found ways to get around it, so they're no big deal. I think my imagination has been going into overdrive, I've began seeing faces in things, like the way tree branches are arranged or in the way gravel looks. It's sort of fun to find the,m in random objects in an weird, odd sort of way....

On a random side note my fruit trees are getting ready to be harvested and so are my gardens. My flower gardens are also approaching full bloom, they're so lovely. Hooray for spring! 

I believe thats about it for now. Goodbye.

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