Saturday, May 21, 2011

Venting a small portion of my rage

Dear executor:

....well somebody had to say it...


  1. Den talande varg: If you hurt my feelings I may have to take it out on something. We both know what that something is.

  2. @executor yes we do, and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who thinks this.

    @faceless i may not know her well but yes i do.

  3. Den talande varg: Your thoughts bear no weight here. If you wish I can be just as petty as you and your friends. This is not personal. It is business.

  4. If my thoughts bore no weight then why bother wasting your time with them? I also never wished for that, it's your own choice on what you want to do.

  5. would you see her saved from such as thiss?

  6. Den talande varg: Because I am doing just that. Wasting time. No you did not wish it. That is what the if was for.

  7. Most likely. I know her mind has been cracked but I believe she's a very strong and clever girl no matter what her mental state may be.

  8. @executor. Hm, your life must not be that interesting then if you wish to waste time with me.

  9. Den talande varg: It is tasking and busy. This is what little downtime I have. Without reading material speaking with you and the rest of the flock is the only way to waste time. Not all that effective but it is wasting time so there is little to complain about.

  10. @Faceless
    Good question.....She has a light that touches the heart of many and leaves an amazing impact wherever she goes. However, like i said earlier I don't know her well enough to the point of where she has a huge personal value to me. I do think of her as a good friend though..... She's also extremely knowledgeable and smart. More of an importance the world than I am.

    ......I don't really know.
    I'm stuck between my own human emotions of greed and selfishness(which I am ashamed of)against the importance that shady is to many and the amazing effect she has on the world.

  11. @executor
    Intriguing, you must of some hobby (other than dream stalking) to entertain yourself.

  12. it iss within me to find her. save her.
    these things cannot withstand my will, should i exert it.
    no things to me.

    what will you sacrifice for her? you called for wolves and hunger, what would you have of uss?
    i hear
    and i

  13. I hope you do, it is within my best interest to get her to safety as well.

    I don't think i have anything of interest to offer unfortunately. I'm very young with little knowledge and experience.

    Nevertheless, i do wish to learn more and that's one of the reasons why i'm here.

  14. A Faceless King: You wish to remove the thing from its chosen path? He has made my task clear. You would defy his words for them?

  15. i have no interest or will to do as such
    i simply hunger. i simply am.
    her pretty wordss cannot touch this heart.

    but she loves.

  16. A Faceless King: Hunger for another. I hear and I obey Him. I have seen what she loves. Her heart goes to her family; to them; to you. Does this bear weight upon His demands?

  17. i hunger. and it iss for
    you all.
    little scarred and broken thing with pretty words
    of lies that sting. yes, she loves. but
    no one
    getss away.

    not her. not you.
    no one.

  18. A Faceless King: None escape you yet you failed to obey your hunger once before. You have waited then; you will wait now. My task will not be compromised.

  19. it iss the only thing i have never failed
    your tasks. demandss. meaningless to me.
    i defy and am allowed. i obey and am allowed.
    no matter for my actions alwayss beget hiss will.
    his hunger.
    p'rapss you should look closer at what surroundss you here, businessmann. dangled so before me.
    never have i known reprisal for devouring such. and feasted. i. have.

  20. A Faceless King: My time spent serving will not be worthless. I will not have what I am and my task be devoured like food upon the plate of a spoiled child. I will repeat; you have waited before you will wait again. Leave us.

  21. never worthless, messenger not such the hungerr would not see you there, worthless.

    do you actually believe you can stop me should i come? Now you have my attention full. of commandss
    of tasks of desperation
    i wait for no thing messenger. i would not be what i am today had i ever. it is not iss all business.

    you have to know, that i can find you there. are you so tired of thiss job then, to beg the attention of this darkness and teeth?

  22. A Faceless King: How I feel for my job bears no weight here. I do as I am told. I am good at my job. I have the knowledge you can find me. Do you have the knowledge I can just as easily disappear? If I must drag the female from place to place I will; strain the mind that is already breaking; to complete my order. As you said; wait for now. I encourage you to build your appetite.

  23. yes.
    agreed. I have calmed his Hunger for now, it iss alwayss there, no matter.

    Do not hold back the strain on my account, this Oracle would love to watch such delicate art firsthand!
    This broken one's response should be worth the price paid here.

  24. A Faceless King: You have my thanks, ma'am. Your encouragement only serves to encourage my confidence. I may yet give you my own memory of this so you may live it yourself. For now I bid you and your Victor a good morning, for one will not arise here. I return now; late due to 269; to oversee the next phase.

  25. Wolves wouldn't touch Executor. They've got some dignity. Hyenas or dingos however are Nature's way of cleaning up offensive messes.