Sunday, May 29, 2011

another small update

Went to an amusement park with my friends and just hanging out. Been getting these massive headaches on occasion. It's like they come in wavess with the pain rising, then goes down slowly..
WEnt homE looked in the mirror found a faint X  on my forehead. dont know how long its been there, dont know where it came from. Looks sort of like ash, been trying to get a good picture of it but its really light and you can barely make it out.  i've noticed it headaches been  more painful since i've noticed the X. 
Brought a friend over for the night to unwind and cath up on things. Been listening to musix to reduce the pain.
On a lighter note my better laptop jhas been repaired so now i can make bigger blog posts (if i feel like it). One will be on my past paranormal experiences just to archive them so i don't forget them. Another will be on dreams, mainly lucid dreaming but dreaming none the less.
On a completely unrelated note my friends pushed me into eating a Mcgangbang. I normally don't eat McDonalds but it was......a rather unique expiernce.          

To lazt to edit this.
See you all later
Stay safe and live happy


  1. How long do you think you've had it for? Did your friends notice it?

  2. @ThroughTheFog: I've been rubbing away at it and it's slowly fading.

    @MsSynclair: i don't know, not this morning because i spent all morning cleaning my face. And non of my friends mentioned anything